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SOLUTION / Graphic Design (JPJ Graphic Studio)

Carrying a brand image, a remarkable visual identity and mastering information technologies are a necessity and a challenge for all the best companies wishing to evolve and communicate their values ​​on the market. That is why, specialized since 10 years in the field of computer graphics and visual communication, the Graphic Design proposes today to integrate the new structure of IMAGit Advertising to support us in the realization of our projects of communication, from the study of visual design to professional advertising creation.

The Graphic Design Studio has been, since 1999, a firm specialized in the creation and study of visual identity, the artistic direction, the development of visual communication solutions. The knowledge of the local advertising market, as well as the control of the visual solutions adapted to the needs of the client companies will make today that this studio, equipped with refined and effective technological materials, will allow us to put at the disposal of our customers a personalized tool, adapted to their needs and integrates with our environment.

The image of your company must be part of a coherent strategy and be in synergy with your traditional means of communication. That's why, beyond the global solutions, we bring you, with the help of Graphic Studio (The new label), a personalized infographic service in the fields of: (1) • The technical study of your image of Mark. (2) • The creation of visual identity. (3) • The development of a visual communication strategy. (4) • Production of audio-visual animations, etc.

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