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JPJ Graphic Studio
You have
a campaign
important advertising
to achieve
for your
or for your
and / or services,
and you
an experienced partner
for you
and accompany you,
in time
and in time,
of all your media
we are here,
ready for you
to serve.

JPJ Graphic Studio is a graphic design firm, specializing in the design, creation and production of advertising materials, creation and consulting in branding, analysis and study of visual identity, artistic direction and the development of strategic solutions in visual communication.


With 10 years of experience in advertising and quality visual communication, strengthening the image of the company, our studio can provide you with advice, support and efficiency. Our knowledge of this specific service allows us to offer you optimal solutions, on all visual media, by accompanying you from the implementation of your simplest ideas to their final publication. Our knowledge of marketing communication and our expertise in the field of visual communication will respond to the smallest details of your brand image and visual identity.


We offer our clients the best solutions adapted to their communication or advertising projects. Our work tools and our service strategy have been carefully studied to offer the best quality / price ratio on the market.


Our team has been repeatedly selected by large companies, international organizations and marketing firms, as a “consulting agency” for the creation, realization and development of communication and advertising campaigns.


We offer a complete communication package evolving with the market and new trends. This offer is an opportunity for companies who want to succeed, protect their brand image and make profitable their investments in advertising.


Our fundamental objective is to support our clients in their promotion, communication and advertising campaign, offering them visual elements adapted to their needs. This will allow them to make a strong impact in the minds of potential customers, who will want to know and use their products or services, or even identify with the image that these products or services represent. And thus, occupy the market, make profitable their investments and impose their image.

A single common objective in our different areas of service, the quality of the service for your greatest satisfaction.

Areas of Intervention

Years of experience have enabled us to discover our fields of expertise in the advertising sector: Control of communication media, Expansion of skills, The flexibility of our interventions, Adapted services.

Specialized in graphic design, we master all communication media. Our field of expertise has widened to the creation of visual interfaces with a strong creative spirit. The experience acquired with major communication agencies has enabled us to develop our know-how, which we now put at the service of companies in different countries.

We suggest that you intervene in your projects as project manager, from the launch of your project, bringing you our expertise, or occasionally as a service provider and partner, with communication agencies, artistic departments.

In order to allow you to take advantage of our creation, computer graphics, and production services on all media, we analyze your needs with you, and offer you collaboration solutions adapted to your projects and budgets, either in the form of services finished, either in the form of a renewable monthly or annual contract.

We have acquired in the field specific experience in the field of visual communication and advertising, with strong skills and creativity in the implementation of communication solutions for advertising agencies and companies.

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