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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place my order?


There are two ways to do this, but either way a member of our team will contact you to follow up with you.


You can :

1) Send us the info through the website using the "Your Project" link at the top left.

2) Contact us by phone giving us the details of your order.


Can I cancel my order with you?


Yes, you can cancel. Typically, an order will not be effective until no member of our team has spoken to you in person, by phone or face to face in our office. You can request cancellation during the conversation. However, if you have approved the order and the work already done, even partially, no refund will be taken into account.


What is the delivery time for a project?


We cannot give you a specific deadline for the delivery of your project. It will depend on the type of project. For example, a logo can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.


Do I have the right to choose the visual elements I want to use?


Yes, you can choose and provide us with your visual elements according to your taste. If you already have these visuals: Photos, Logo, Clipart, all these elements must respect the format of our work. Our studio does not work with images already used on other graphics (Poster, Flyer, Insert, Leaflet, etc.). We need the original file.


If I don't like the work, am I allowed to request a change to the graphics or visuals?


As long as the project has not been finalized and approved, you have the full right to request changes. But as long as you approve and agree to it, any change to the chart will incur an additional charge.


Can I have a long term contract with you for my website?


Yes, you can choose to sign a long term contract with us, depending on your project requirements. The contract may include:

1) Regularly updating your website (Weekly / Monthly)

2) Updating your blog

3) Management of financial or other transactions (Order / Purchase).

4) Management and control of customer accounts

5) Etc.


How long does it take to make a website?


Normally the time will vary depending on the size of the project, ie. the information, the number of pages and the type of website you want to have. It can be up to two to three months sometimes, according to the size of the project. As an indication, a website of 3 to 5 pages, with basic information can take between 22 to 30 days for its realization, without taking into account of course the modifications and the delay time, on the part of the customer, in the delivery of information.


What medium do you use for the delivery of documents?


Usually project files are sent to clients by email, especially if they are in a country other than ours. But a customer can always provide us with the medium (CD, drive) of his choice for backing up the file (s).


In what format do you deliver the files?


It will depend on how you use it. You can tell us your format.

By default, we deliver the files in the original version of the application used, such as:

Illustrator (AI) • CorelDraw (CDR) • Photoshop (PSD) • Acrobat (PDF) • Image File (JPG or PNG)


What type of service do you offer?


We offer various services, to know them all it would be better to consult our list.

Wholesale we offer:

1) Graphic design of promotional material

2) Logo design and production

3) Visual identity study of your company

4) Website design

5) Administrative document layout


Do you offer printing service?


Yes, we do offer printing service of any kind if the customer requests it.


Is it possible to follow the realization of my project?


You can follow the progress of your order at any time from conception to final completion. Our graphic studio will send you the work file to do step by step. You can also call us to make an appointment with the graphic designer working on your project.


If I am not satisfied with my project after approval and delivery, what should I do?


You can always contact us to let us know your dissatisfaction and we will make sure to work to your liking. But if the dissatisfaction comes from the fact that you have changed your mind or that it no longer meets your expectations, our team will not take your dissatisfaction into account. If you still want to make changes, a service charge will be applied at the discretion of Imagit Advertising's management.

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