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In order to conquer new markets and build customer loyalty, the development of an adapted marketing strategy is proving to be an inescapable efficiency. In this context of marketing evolution and communication impact, IMAGit Advertising exists to guide companies in the conception and realization of their communication strategy, the planning and the creative execution of their brand image.

IMAGit Advertising is an communication agency specializing in marketing strategy and visual and merchandising communication, completely independent, whose activity is summarized in three key words: strategy, creativity and visibility.

To ensure the visual impact of our customers, our attack plan focuses specifically on integrating our customers' marketing plan into our communications strategy to launch a set of strategically designed actions that are delivered directly to targets. optimal to stand out, to position oneself on the market in relation to the competition.

IMAGit Advertising integrates transversally the different media of its field of intervention to ensure relevant answers to all marketing and commercial issues by providing quality services: the strategic marketing plan, product launch, network communication, commercial animations sales, branding, promotion of products and services, visual identity studies, competitive intelligence, etc.

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