C.E.O / Advertising and Artistic Director

As the Founder and CEOs of IMAGitt Advertising, Julio is devoting himself considerably to the satisfaction of the company’s customers. He cultivates friendly and long time relationships with his customers through meetings and phone calls to understand their business, expectations and needs. His strategy is always to develop new creative approaches and help customers manage their budgets. He assumes his ultimate responsibility for the agency's future and sets short- and long-term goals and objectives.

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Executive Administrative Assistant

As the Executive Administrative Assistant (EAA) of IMAGit Advertising, Kettly is the acting as the point of contact between the executives and internal/external customers. She is a very welcoming person and good in undertaking the tasks of receiving and following up customers’ job orders, take messages and routing correspondence. She also knows how to appropriately handling executives' requests and queries in providing personalized secretarial and administrative support in a well-organized and timely manner.

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